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U+ME™ pride ourselves in honesty and transperancy. Please browse our frequently asked questions and reach out should you have anything you need clarification on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you tell me about your sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives?
    For packaging we use recycled cardboard. Our products and packaging inside and out contain absolutely zero plastic. We use Poplar wood in our products. Poplar is a really sustainable choice because of how poplar trees can capture carbon from the air. They're really good at absorbing carbon dioxide, which helps with global warming. Poplar trees are also great because they grow pretty fast. It doesn't take long for a poplar tree to get big and strong. Because new poplar trees can replace the old ones so quickly, it's a sustainable material. And another cool thing about poplar is that even after we use the wood in our products, it keeps helping the environment. When it reaches the end of its life, the carbon that was stored in the poplar wood over the years gets released slowly back into the soil instead of going into the atmosphere. So poplar has benefits throughout its whole lifecycle. Overall, poplar wood is an excellent option because the trees can reduce carbon in the air while they're growing, and then the wood we make keeps trapping carbon even after it's harvested. That's what we call being carbon negative! We use Amazon FBA as our primary courier. Amazon transportation is a key part of their plan to meet net-zero carbon by 2040. They are committed to optimizing and transforming their transportation network through innovations in electrification, efficiency enhancements, and alternative delivery methods. Learn More Here Overall U+ME aims to create products that are Eco Friendly and Sustainable and inspire families to become more self sufficient and appreciate and protect the world around them.
  • Where are you located and where are your products made?
    We are located along the northern coastline of QLD, Australia. All of our products are designed in-house in Australia, and sourced and manufactured from across the world.
  • Are your Kids Gardening Sets third party tested to be free of bpa, bps, lead, phthalate, and formaldehyde? what has the wood been sealed with?
    Our products have undergone rigorous 3rdParty Lab testing and are free of bpa, bps, lead, phthalate, and formaldehyde. In order to sell this product on Amazon we were required to have these tests done and provide our CPC (Childrens Product Certificate), Provided by the lab, to Amazon. Providing safe products for children is our top priority.
  • Where can I purchase genuine U+ME Products?
    At this stage, we sell solely on Amazon. Our product is not available for sale from any other supplier, brand or seller other than U+ME. Amazon ships and fulfils all our orders. ​ If you see our products for sale online from any brand other than U+ME or available for sale on websites other than Amazon, please let us know. We care about our customers and want to ensure you are getting a genuine product each and every time. ​ If and when things change, you will see the list of stockists here. ​ If you are interested in selling our product and would like to enquire about wholesale prices, please contact us to discuss further.
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