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5 Ways You Can Help The Environment Starting NOW

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

ways you can help the environment

In the story, Horton Hears a Who, by Dr. Seuss, even the littlest Who had to join in making their voice heard to rescue the entire Who-ville living on the tip of a dandelion seed. Even though most major environmental offenders are big corporations and governments, we can still do our part, no matter how small, to create ripples of change to help our ecosystem thrive. Here are ten ways you can help the environment now.

1. Stop using straws

Not just plastic straws, even paper, bamboo, and steel straws need to go. Most people don't actually need straws to drink. Yes, some special needs and differently-abled people do require straws, but for most of us, drinking straight from a glass or cup is perfectly natural.

2. Refill your own water bottle

Plastic bottles are the biggest single-use plastic pollution offenders. Instead of buying an overpriced bottle of water, find a refilling station – which are often free – and carry around your own water container.

3. Bring your own shopping bag

Whether you are shopping for groceries or restyling your entire closet, refuse the store plastic or paper bag and bring your own reusable bag. Smaller bags of lightweight material can also be used to purchase goods at the bulk section so you never need to use those flimsy plastic tear-away bags again.

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4. Eat mostly plant-based meals

You don't need to go completely vegan if you don't want to. But just a change in our eating habits really can help to reduce greenhouse gases and deforestation. Consuming less meat will make an impact not only on the earth at large but on your own health too.

5. Use a reusable bamboo toothbrush

Toothbrushes used to be made of sticks until plastic was invented and suddenly plastic toothbrushes became a problem in our landfills. Bamboo is a renewable and affordable way to make disposable, biodegradable toothbrushes that will decompose in time just as nature intended.


Thinking about the climate crisis can be daunting, but every single person can help to make a difference by making a few adjustments in their daily life habits. Even you and your family can live more consciously with the environment starting now.

5 Ways You Can Help The Environment Starting NOW

Written by Jan


About Jan

Jan is a travelling yoga teacher and writer who advocates spiritual growth while leading a conscious, earth-centered lifestyle, as close to nature as possible. She currently lives on an island in the Philippines surrounded by tropical jungles and white sand beaches. She and her partner conduct sound meditations and journeys while advocating sustainable and organic gardening practices.

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