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How to Grow Organic Teas in Your Own Delightful Herbal Tea Garden

Picture a garden thick with fragrant herbs and bright with blossoms, where pollinators happily stumble about in glutted bliss. A garden where you can pick leaves to create your own delectable concoctions… drinks which are nature’s way of healing the body, and alternately calming and refreshing the soul.

We’re talking about a herbal tea garden. And you can grow your own.

How to Grow Organic Teas

We’re here with some delightful organic gardening inspiration for growing a heavenly herb garden where you can harvest leaves, stems and roots, brew them up, and revitalize mind, body and soul. We’ll share our favorite herbs to grow for tea, along with some of their health benefits, and other awesome tea garden thoughts.

Organic Peat Pot Starter Tray Kit

Plants you need in your herbal tea garden.


  • Strong, refreshing flavor

  • Loads of varieties… and they each taste different

  • Natural breath freshener

  • Helps with indigestion

Lemon verbena:

  • Refreshing, lemony flavor

  • Beautiful sprays of tiny white blossoms

  • Soothing

  • Helps with indigestion and insomnia


  • Delightful, perfumed flavor

  • Empowers brain functions

  • Boosts the immune system

Lemon grass:

  • Refreshing, lemony flavor

  • Helps fight thrush and dandruff

  • Can lower cholesterol


  • · Soft, perfumed flavor

  • · Soothing

  • · Gorgeous blue, purple or white flowers

  • · Helps heal skin

  • · Improves sleep quality


  • Refreshing, perfumed, citrus flavor

  • Fights infection

  • Relieves pain and stress

German Chamomile:

  • Soft, perfumed flavor

  • Gorgeously cheerful, daisy-like blossoms

  • Deeply soothing

  • Helps digestion

  • Soothes inflammation


  • Deliciously strong, savory flavor

  • Benefits the heart and brain

  • Helps fight infections


  • Soft, savory flavor

  • Soothing

  • Fights bacterial and fungal infections


  • Natural, healthy sweetener

  • Very low calories

  • Helps with weight loss if substituted for sugar


  • Refreshing cucumber flavor

  • Beautiful, bright blue blossoms

  • Helps heal skin

  • Soothes a cough


  • Delightfully strong liquorice flavor

  • Packed with vitamins and minerals

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Benefits the heart


  • Savory, perfumed flavor

  • Soothes mind and body

  • Helps heal skin


  • Powerful, sweet flavor

  • Energizing

  • Natural antibiotic

  • Helps heal lung and throat infections

  • Helps relieve mild headaches

  • Soothes nausea

How to Grow Organic Teas

Awesome tea garden facts.

  • Lots of herbs grow better in garden pots than they do in soil beds. So, if you live in an apartment, you can still grow a magical, fragrant, colorful tea garden! Stock up on some plant pots like these biodegradable peat pots to get started.

  • Most herbs provide generous amounts of fodder for bees. This means that your herbal tea garden isn’t just healthy for you… It also benefits the environment and your local ecosystem.

Kids Garden Set

The finishing touch for your tea garden.

The final piece of your incredible tea garden: a dreamy outdoor spot where you can relax and enjoy your homegrown, freshly brewed tea.

How to Grow Organic Teas

Here are some Pinterest boards of our favorite ideas:

A romantic English tea garden spot.

A peaceful zen garden retreat.

A dreamy, fragrant rose arbor.

How to Grow Organic Teas in Your Own Delightful Herbal Tea Garden

Written by Rifke Hill


About the Author

Rifke Hill was raised on the sort of farm your grandparents told tales about – milking cows, gathering eggs, hoeing the soil, and building fires to heat water. She now spends part of her time copywriting online as a freelancer. The rest of it is spent nurturing and teaching her four energetic children, growing vegetables, baking bread, reading voraciously, having coffee with the neighbors, and enjoying the sunny slopes of the smallholding where she lives, in the Garden Route, South Africa.

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