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5 More Ways You Can Help the Environment Starting NOW

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

5 More Ways You Can Help the Environment

Every action counts when it comes to doing better for our planet. Leading by example is the best way to get others to start thinking more about their impact on the environment and how to reduce their own carbon footprint. Children of this generation are beginning to see the importance of reversing the climate crisis and action begins at home with these small actionable steps. Here are five more ways you and your family can help the environment starting today.

1. Walk, run, bike, carpool, or take public transport

Faster isn't always the better solution. If you can walk to your destination, put on a pair of comfortable shoes and get those steps in, work on your cardio and run or jog, or practice your pedal power and ride a bike. Even making organizing a carpool or taking public transport is better for the environment than putting one more single-occupant car on the road which is one of the major causes of global warming.

Ways You Can Help the Environment - Walking

2. Switch off lights and appliances when not in use

It's not only important during Earth Hour every March 28 to switch off all the lights, but every time you leave a room or your home, you can switch off the lights to conserve energy. It's even recommended to unplug any appliances that don't need to be running when not in use to prevent “energy vampires” from running up your electricity bill and wasting power.

Ways You Can Help the Environment - Switch off lights

3. Keep a compost bin in your kitchen Get into the habit of composting your kitchen scraps to use in your own home garden. Home composting kits can be purchased that use bokashi bacteria to help break down food waste into compost tea, or you can make your own compost bin with many easy-to-follow projects found online.

Ways You Can Help the Environment - Composting

4. Make an Eco-Brick of all your Plastic Waste

Eco-bricks are plastic bottles stuffed with plastic that can be used as bricks to make homes, schools, playgrounds, and recycled furniture. Each brick can help keep up to 2 kilos of plastic out of landfills.

Ways You Can Help the Environment - Eco-brick

Kids Garden Set-Ways You Can Help the Environment

5. Start a community garden

Even though individuals can help make daily life changes to curb the effects of global warming and other environmental issues, a whole community working together can make an even bigger dent. Either donate your front yard to become a community space for organically grown food or collectively find a common, unused, public area where everyone in the neighborhood can learn how to plant a garden to set an example for other communities to follow.

Ways You Can Help the Environment - Community Garden

Ways You Can Help the Environment

Written By Jan


About the Author

Jan is a travelling yoga teacher and writer who advocates spiritual growth while leading a conscious, earth-centered lifestyle, as close to nature as possible. She currently lives on an island in the Philippines surrounded by tropical jungles and white sand beaches. She and her partner conduct sound meditations and journeys while advocating sustainable and organic gardening practices.

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